Finding a mentor was hands down the best thing I did for my business. I had made so many mistakes in the beginning and it was just so frustrating for me! There were so many things I wish I knew when I first started. I struggled, I YouTube’d, but there are just some things that you can only learn from a one-on-one experience and actually getting out and shooting and editing! I was lucky enough to be mentored by 2 amazing seasoned photographers and I can’t even begin to explain how much I learned from them!

I wish I had found a mentor faaaar before I did!

Holy smokes!

Whether you've been in the game for a while or are a brand spankin' new photographer, my mentorships are customized for each photographer no matter where you are in your career!

I have 2 options for ya!

- 1 hour Q&A
- 1 hour couple’s shoot! See me in action! See how I make my clients comfortable in front of the camera, learn what prompts and other tricks I use! You’ll get a chance to shoot a lot and add great content to your portfolio!
- 1 hour editing session
- Content session photographed by me! I’ll photograph some headshots and other lifestyle shots for ya!
- Coffee, lunch, + snacks included!
- It usually ends up being about 5-6 hours total with driving.

*this session can be made COVID friendly by meeting in my backyard!

The best way to learn is to do it.



Hey out of towners!!! if you don't live in LA, you can stay in my airbnb at a discounted rate!


For one hour I can answer all of your questions about shooting, editing, Lightroom, Photoshop, equipment, Instagram, client communication, workflow, websites, etc. I am a totally open book! (Prepare questions ahead of time!)





I was a brand new photographer when I found Tyler. I now second shoot for her often and learn SO much from her every single time we are together. She is crazy organized, pragmatic, efficient, and simply a joy to work alongside. Tyler is always readily available to help me with any problems I come across in my photography business and is always willing to walk me through workflows to make my life easier. My business has absolutely flourished since I started learning from her, and thanks to her I have a full calendar of weddings! If you’re ready to step up your business, I highly suggest Tyler’s mentoring! Her strong understanding of light, client communication, detail orientation, and more will transform your business, I guarantee!
 - Becca Maas Photography 

"...My business has absolutely flourished since I started learning from her, and thanks to her I have a full calendar of weddings!"


I really enjoyed that the mentor session was very laid back and comfortable. It wasn’t like she was a robot going through the same process she does with all her mentees. What stood out to me the most was actually going to the actual shoot and seeing her do her prompts and how it can be a fun experience. I learned a lot of valuable information and also gained confidence! She went above and beyond by just allowing me to come to her home ESPECIALLY during Covid and with a new baby! I understand how that may have been hesitant for her, but we did it! And she also made me a goodie box and that was pretty flippin awesome too! I would tell other photographers how amazing her personality is and that she'll teach you how to capture clients as themselves and not just posed sessions. I had so much fun! Can I shoot with Tyler all the time?!
- Annie Jo Photography

"I really enjoyed that it was very laid back and comfortable. It wasn’t like SHE wAS a robot going through the same process
 SHE doES with all HER mentees."